SEO Strategy Session FAQ: What You Need to Know

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Want to do better online but not sure where to start? Start with a personalized strategy session with a SEO professional.

Don’t Make Noise Online, Make Sense!

Today, SEO and getting found in search engines are paramount for business success. Make your business website and other digital platforms work harder for you with a smart and cost-effective SEO strategy.

Why Should I sign up for a Digital Strategy Session?

The answer is, “why not?”

There is nothing to lose – and everything to gain. I evaluate your online business presence and give you recommendations. Worse case, you spend 30 minutes learning how to make your business work harder and smarter online.

However, if you are skeptical, check out the Digital Strategy Session FAQs below.

How Much Does it Cost?
For a limited time, the strategy session is free!

I normally charge my business clients $500 for an initial site audit and initial SEO plan, but my mission is to help small and medium-sized businesses succeed online. I created a mini-version of my complete audit just to help out people like you. Hopefully, you’ll want to continue working with me to improve your online presence, but, there is no hard sell and no obligation. 

How Long Will it Take?
The actual strategy session phone call is limited to 30 minutes.

Take Me to the Sign Up Page Now

How Does it Work?

      • After I get your sign-up form, I take a look at your business online and, based on your “biggest digital marketing challenge” (which you submitted on the sign-up form), I come up with several ways to overcome that challenge.
      • Next, I will email you to set up a time when we can chat on the phone. I might also ask a few questions to help me make better recommendations.
      • Finally, when we chat, I will give you my recommendations and we can talk about how to implement them. I will also answer any other internet marketing questions you have.

Why do You Ask About Budget?
I’m realistic. Understanding your budget helps me understand what kind of marketing options you can actually implement.

Who is Riverview Lane?
My name is Brandie Erisman. I run Riverview Lane, a woman-owned digital marketing consultancy. As well as running the business, I personally manage each account. I’ve been helping businesses succeed on the internet since the dark ages — back when we had to code websites by hand, and back even before Google! (Really)

What About Privacy and Security?
I won’t sell or abuse your email or any business or personal information we receive. I promise. 

Will you spam me with emails?

Can this Low Price be for Real?
Yes – and there is no obligation to work with me. I offer this service so you can check me out and get a sense of how I can help your business. If you don’t like what I have to offer, no hard feelings. You can even implement the tactics I recommend. In fact, I hope you do. Somewhere down the road, you might need my services, or you pass my name along to a colleague. It’s all good.

Ready now?
Get your digital strategy session.

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Still not sure? Email me with your questions, or check out our free Web Page audit.